Bot-made, daily gaming highlight videos
This was a side project I built with a developer friend who also did the sound work. Gamebot pulled the most popular highlights (Clips) from Twitch and packaged them together in "best of" compilations for YouTube. The bot made about 30 videos a day for 30+ different, game-specific YouTube channels.
A Typical Daily Highlight Video
Channels required branding (all 30 of them!) and videos needed intro/outro clips that the bot would use for every video.
Channel Branding
I dug into After Effects for the video intro/outro, using various animations from a few template packs. The developer I worked with on this project did the sound production.
Intro Animation
Ultimately the project became about product and platform. There were lots ways we could set the bot up to craft video strategically. E.g. we had weekly videos instead of daily for some channels. It's a deep dive conversation into YouTube, content, community, bots, etc. Until I write the essay on it, I would be stoked to chat about these dynamics over voice.
Youtube Thumbnails
Gamebot's channels racked up about 5 million views in 9 months, including serveral, breakout videos and a feature on Kotaku.