Snail mail documents from the browser.

brand / user interface / product / growth


Mailform handles sensitive data, so when developing the brand and eventual web style guide, my focus was on trust. For the theme, a snail is careful and steady, the seal infers safety.
Brand and Logo Progress, Color Guide


Next in the process, I created a mockup of the UI in Photoshop, including SVGs hand-drawn in Illustrator. Later I would apply this style guide to the site in CSS.
Website Progress


The website is a mix of landing/sales pages and product. I wrote the html/css of the website, creating the primary product (mailing a document from the home page), based on the UX sketch below.
The Bulk Mail tool was created for users to batch send parcels of mail with various addresses and documents. The initial interaction with the tool is designed to be like a tutorial. And, it's a bit of a pro-user tool in the sense that it's flexible and adaptable to the users prefered workflows. Pop-ups for various actions are appropriate here, as you don't want to leave the dashboard!
Since I was writing the markup, I didn't think we needed a full-on wireframe. If you're looking for wireframes, check out my mobile 'frames.
Bulk Mail Sketchnotes
Bulk Mail Product UI


By chipping away at any all and user friction, we were able to increase the conversion rate of the primary homepage workflow by about 3x, while through various growth projects, traffic increased by 7-10x.