About the project:

I made Mailform with two other guys

This page showcases brand and website progression as well as a few product projects.


From logo and wordmark sketches to final logo and color pallette.


From mockup to production

Bulk Mail Tool UX

This is the general sequence of creating mail in our Bulk Mail Tool. If you sign up on mailform.io, you can check out the dashboard and all of it's features.


In our footer we have a section of landing page links. Displayed are the most popular, however there are over a hundred of these pages that are created within a simple CRM and backend to match. The pages were created based the laundry list of google search terms people did to end up on our site. By building a specific page for those searches terms, it enhances SEO.

This project increased our traffic by 28%.

Log In Pop-up Progression

From developer hand-off to production