Snail mail documents from the browser.

brand, UX/UI, growth
Two friends of mine built a simple, roughly-designed document mailing tool on top of the Lob API. They asked me if I'd like to design and help grow the product as an equal equity partner. The site was very basic.


Before doing too much interaction work, I set out to create a brand and basic visual design. Mailform handles sensitive data, so when developing the brand my focus was on trust. For the theme, a snail is careful and steady, the seal infers safety.
Brand and Logo Progress, Color Guide
Website V1


The Bulk Mail tool was created for users to batch send parcels of mail with various addresses and documents. The initial interaction with the tool is designed to be like a tutorial. And, it's a bit of a pro-user tool in the sense that it's flexible and adaptable to the users prefered workflows. Pop-ups for various actions are appropriate here, as you don't want to leave the dashboard!
Bulk Mail UX Sketch
Bulk Mail Product UI
We ultimately built a suite of snail mail products with numerous API integrations.


In the original version, the user uploaded a PDF and was immediately taken to Destination Address screen. In an effort to give the user some feedback and allow multiple PDFs to be uploaded, now after the upload, users are given the option to upload more documents.


By chipping away user friction, we were able to increase the conversion rate of the primary homepage workflow by about 3x, while through various growth projects, traffic increased by 7-10x.