Make School initially produced students' games to support tuition costs. I oversaw the design of over fifty iOS games, working with developers on game mechanics and often teaming up with freelance designers to create the UIs.

We were also developing educational content, which needed content e.g. Sushi Nekko below, and also tools to streamline game production, e.g. the infinite runner template below.

Pod Perfect
Match-three style game.
UI by Iris Martin.
Sushi Neko
A clone of Timberman used in a game development tutorial on the Make School website. I did the UX and UI of this one.
Lets Hang Out
Meet-up-with-your-friends / calendar app. I also did both the UX and UI of this app.
Endless Runner Template
We built template games to speed-up development time. These were essentially working prototypes, made for modding and easy UI adaption. Menus, layouts, and UX by me. Sprites and backgrounds by Seth Bird.
Ridiculous Climbing
Very fun game design: the character climbs up a huge wall dodging obstacles and then falls netting birds on the way down. A riff on the game Ridiculous Fishing.
UI/illustrations by Seth Bird