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Discover Editing Tool

Snapchat hired me to do a 4 hours sketch and study of an internal tool they were thinking about building.

Discover is a section of Snapchat's app. Snapchat asked me to create research documentation, a gameplan and a wireframe in 5 hours of a tool that would allow Discover publishers to create and schedule Discover content.

The tool must support creating editions, scheduling editions, and creating & managing TopSnaps within each edition for a single publisher. TopSnaps are the video assets you see when tapping or swiping through a Discover channel and the editions are the bundles of TopSnaps pushed to the user at a publisher-determined time each day (ex: the Edition is the entire magazine and TopSnaps are the pages within it). Publishers should have flexibility to move and reorder the TopSnaps within each edition along with simple mechanisms to do the following: create new TopSnaps within an edition, delete TopSnaps, replace the media attached to existing TopSnaps, and be able to queue up multiple editions to publish over time.

User Stories:
As a Discover channel publisher, I can: -upload and position/re-order TopSnaps to create editions for my channel -use my old TopSnaps to build new editions (do publishers actually need this?) -schedule editions for live publishing

As a Snapchat Discover admin/support, I can: -access all brand editions to help with sequencing and scheduling -remove content (possible?)

As a Snapchat moderator (how is moderation handled at SnapChat?), I can: -view Discover editions before they go live -flag editions for removal

As described, the web application is to be a (TopSnaps) content editor/sequencer with publishing/scheduling capability.

I’ve drawn a fixed height dashboard-style interface to give the app a native/dashboard feel. This also allows the timeline of TopSnaps to be horizontal, which I think works best for portrait video. The design should work great on tablets and could also be adapted for mobile.

The scheduling sidebar is robust with a full calendar and support for scheduling multiple editions per day (Do there need to be multiple editions per day?). TopSnaps are uploaded into the timeline, their content playable/pre-viewable, if possible. With the sidebar collapsed, the user has the full-screen width to sequence and build Editions.

Upload a new TopSnap by clicking the upload icon in the “empty” TopSnap at the end of the timeline (there could also be a simple button for this). Re-order TopSnaps by clicking the move icon and dragging left/right; delete or rename them via the down caret icon.