A fashion accessory for the Apple Watch. Launched and funded successfully on Kickstarter.

CAD / video / marketing / visual
This was a dynamic project involving a physical product, visual design, and marketing.
Rudimentary Prototype
Mike at Atlas Screw Machine Products
Mike's prototypes
I was able to use these prototypes to make a lo-fi Kickstarter video. This was months before the Apple Watch was launched, so I made a watch out of paper! I worked with a freelance After Effects designer to do some minor video effects.
A frame from the Kickstarter video
For the packaging, I printed, laminated and cut out the backdrop stock - then glued it to a shallow piece of foam. Ultimately the piece sits in the tin like a ring in a ringbox.
I offered these 6 designs for the Kickstarter launch, plus the option to make custom designs. Later I added many more designs.